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GDPR training is a critical requirement that applies to all UK businesses of any size and complexity. Ignoring the regulation will leave your business exposed and vulnerable to fines, reputational damage, lawsuits and increases the risk of data breaches.
Most non compliances are caused by a lack of knowledge and a lack of training, something that can be very easily remedied with our GDPR e-learning!

Facts and figures

ICO's latest report

In its latest report the ICO reported that over 36,000 complaints were received in the last year alone.

The sectors generating most of the complaints were:

  • Land & Property Services 12.0%
  • Finance, Insurance and Credit 11.7%
  • General Business 10.3%
  • Health 10.0%

The sectors generating most of these data breaches were:

  • Health 20.0%
  • Education & Childcare 14.0%
  • Local Government 9.6%
  • Retail and Manufacture 9.3%
  • Finance, Insurance and Credit 8.3%
  • Charities 5.6%
  • General Business 4.5%

Such data breaches were caused by:

  • Email sent to incorrect recipient 17.0%
  • Unauthorised access 12.0%
  • Phishing 10.0%

The same report shows that 9,571 data breaches were reported to the ICO.

This demonstrate that most data breaches are caused by human errors which reinforces the need for training and awareness.

Our GDPR training

Our GDPR training, which is available through our user-friendly GDPR e-learning! platform, has been specifically designed to support small businesses in complying with the regulation requirements on training and enabling you to develop and maintain a trusting relationship with your customers, as well as avoid tarnishing your reputation and fines.

See our GDPR training options

Have a look at the different options below to see which method is best suited to you and your business.


8+1 Modules

Individual Modules => Particularly suitable as refresher training.  If your business has already undertaken GDPR training and there are certain aspects of the regulation that you and your staff need revisiting, then this is the right package for you. Each module can be purchased individually at the click of a button, all you have to do is choose the subject that you are interested in.


Monthly Membership => if you are looking for a more in-depth training covering all the aspect of the regulation with a flexible approach then this package is for you.  It allows you to spread the cost over a period of 12 months with each module being released every 40 days or so.  Giving you the freedom to learn on your terms and plan the training around your work/life commitments.


Annual Membership => Best suited to those that prefer to pay a one upfront fee and gain access to all of the training in one go, for one year. This will provide you with the flexibility to plan the order of the modules and the frequency of the training to fit around your own schedule and your training preference.


Pre-Paid Access => This bundle is only available in conjunction with a full GDPR implementation. An authorisation code is required to access the material. To find out more about this, please visit our Services Page.

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Cookies Guide

This FREE Guide has been built especially for website owners to provide the correct instructions and remove any myths on Cookies consent. Grab this guide so that you can:

  • ensure your Cookies are in line with GDPR
  • avoid fines and reputational damage
  • build trust with your customers by demonstrating that you respect their personal data.
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GDPR Handbook

Specifically designed for small businesses to enable you to use this material in conjunction with your existing induction process of new members of staff when joining your organisation. It contains everything you need to satisfy the GDPR Regulation.

With The GDPR Handbook you get the COMPLETE guide to make your new staff aware of your data protection rules along with GDPR training material.

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