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Breach Response & Monitoring

Data breaches are a serious business. There can be significant repercussions for organisations for failing to notify the relevant parties of a breach, when required to do so.

Risks & Data Protection Impact Assessments

The first step towards implementing an effective data protection framework is to understand the risks associated with how your organisation processes personal data.

Records of Processing & Lawful Basis

As an organisation, you are legally required to document your data processing activities. You must include the type of data categories, where the information is stored, how it is used and the legal basis for processing.

Policies & Procedures

GDPR policies and procedures are designed to provide systemic structure, thus creating clarity and consistency by laying out precisely what people need to do and why.

Individual’s Rights

Respecting the rights of individuals isn’t just good practice, it will also facilitate your organisations’ compliance with the other six key principles of the GDPR.

Record Management & Security

Having an effective records management system in place helps to support access to information, which in turn enables more effective use of resources, so you can easily find and access historical data.

Training & Awareness

Training is essential when it comes to generating awareness around data protection. It’s also a vital part of putting your company’s policies and procedures into practice.


Transparency is an important data protection principle, and crucial to businesses when adopting a ‘data protection by design and by default’ approach.

Contracts & Data Sharing

When sharing data between organisations there should always be an accompanying contract or agreement that clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of each party, so they may be held accountable for their part.

A Guide to Accountability, According to the ICO

‘Accountability’ is one of the 7 Principles under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), but various organisations offer differing perspectives on what accountability actually means.

Things to Consider when Hiring a Virtual Assistant

VA’s, or Virtual Assistants, are becoming more and more common for small business owners. But with that does come responsibility, both from them and from you.

Small Business Owners ICO Assessment

Have you taken the ICO Small Business Owners Assessment? If not, then just google ICO and right there on the home page there is a section titled ‘Assessment for Small Business Owners’.

Google Loses Appeal for €50m Fine

It was revealed that Google had been unsuccessful in the appeal of the €50m General Data Protection Regulation fine which was sanctioned against by the French data protection authority in January 2019.

Small Business GDPR Guide – Part 1

I hear so many small business owners who make the mistake of thinking that GDPR doesn’t apply to them due to their small size. So I thought I’d do a two-part blog series on everything you need to know regarding GDPR as a small business owner!

Small Business GDPR Guide – Part 2

I hear so many small business owners who make the mistake of thinking that GDPR doesn’t apply to them due to their small size. So I thought I’d do a two-part blog series on everything you need to know regarding GDPR as a small business owner!

Finnish Data Regulator Strikes Again

The Finnish Data Protection Ombudsman had been notified about a company collecting job applicants’ personal data unnecessarily, resulting in a €12,500 fine.

My Business Journey

Throughout my 25 plus year career I’ve always been involved in data and I also come from a corporate background working for very large organisations, dealing with large volumes of data.

What is Processing?

Are you wondering what classes as processing when it comes to GDPR and the information you handle? I’ve created a really simple to read guide which shows everything that falls under ‘processing’ so that you can be sure!

What is Personal Data?

‘Personal Data’ is a phrase that we hear all of the time since the introduction of GDPR in 2018. Make sure that you really understand what falls into the category of personal data, so that you can take steps to keep it safe!

What Can I Do with a Business Card?

That is an excellent question and I am pleased when I get asked as this demonstrates that they have thought about data privacy and they have an awareness of the Data Protection Regulations.

Special Category Data Guide Table

If you’re wondering what classes as ‘Special Category Data’ and what the exceptions to these are, then my latest download will be of real benefit to you.

Privacy Policy vs Privacy Notice

The terminology surrounding the GDPR world can be a minefield, and things often have slightly differing names but mean wildly different things – especially as far as compliance is concerned!

Email Dos & Don’ts

Emails can lead to bad habits and you need to ensure that you are compliant at all times, even if you’re a small business. My latest guide helps you to do just that and understand the key do’s and don’ts of email.

GDPR Terminology

Understanding the terminology of GDPR can be almost like a new language, so I’ve created this guide to help you through the basics and hopefully make things easier to comprehend.

London Pharmacy Fined £275,000

London pharmacy fined after ‘careless’ storage of patient data.” The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has fined a London-based pharmacy £275,000 for failing to ensure the security of special category data.