GDPR Toolkit

We are delighted to announce that The GDPR Toolkit is now available!

Are you a small business that would like to become GDPR compliant because is the right thing to do and yet lack the budget to engage a professional expert?

Do not worry, we have created the GDPR Toolkit especially for small businesses with a small budget to help you with your compliance.

The GDPR Toolkit contains 38 documents made up of a combination of policies templates, Data protection agreements templates, processes templates and actual tools. Each documents is accompanied by video instructions.

These are the exact same tools that we use when doing a full implementation for a customer and we are making them accessible to you to help you with your GDPR compliance and most importantly to strengthen your reputation and support your business growth.

12 Month Membership

Grants you access to all 38 documents, templates and video instructions.

You will also be able to access new or updated documents and templates as we improve them or reflect the latest legislation changes during the membership cycle.

This will give you much needed peace of mind safe in the knowledge that you are accessing the most up to date documentation.

The membership also enables you to tap directly into my expertise via the ‘Monthly Surgery’ and entry into the ‘Knowledge Vault’.


  • Data Inventory template (Controller & Processor)
  • Retention Policy & Schedule template
  • Privacy Policy template
  • Privacy Notice Website template
  • Privacy Notice for Recruitment template
  • Privacy Notice for Employee template
  • Data Protection Policy template
  • Security Policy template
  • Working from Home Policy template
  • Data Processing Agreement
  • Data Sharing Agreement
  • International Data Transfer Agreement


  • Subject Access Request Process template
  • Subject Access Request Register template
  • Data Breach Process template
  • Data Breach Register template
  • Data Breach Assessment form
  • Change Management Process
  • Change Request template
  • Project Brief template
  • DPIAs (Data Processing Impact Assessment) template
  • LIA (Legitimate Interest Assessment) template
  • Business Continuity template
  • Lesson Learnt template
  • Document Library template
  • Risk Management Strategy template
  • Risk Register template
  • Transfer Risk Assessememt

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