Small Business GDPR

Small Business GDPR Guide

I hear so many small business owners who make the mistake of thinking that GDPR doesn’t apply to them due to their small size. So I thought I’d do a two-part blog series on everything you need to know regarding GDPR as a small business owner!

  • At what sizes does a business need to consider GDPR?

Really it’s any size, whether you’re a one man band or a multi-million corporation. It’s not the size that’s important it’s the fact that you are processing personal data. It’s a common myth that GDPR only applies to Ltd companies and beyond but it does apply to sole traders and self employed, even freelancers. Anyone who processes any personal data must abide by GDPR regulations.

  • Can the ICO fine anyone or only Ltd companies?

They can fine anyone, including sole traders and self employed. They also have the power to name and shame you publicly. They may choose not to fine you perhaps because you are small, but it could be even more damaging to be named and shamed by the ICO as your reputation will be tarnished. People want to know that their, and their customer’s, data is being handled professionally and correctly, the danger is the loss of trust if your potential clients see you’ve had a data breach.

  • What’s the best way to be GDPR compliant from day one?

It’s all about awareness. Make yourself aware of the regulation and what it means, that’s half the battle. That will then enable you to implement the necessary measures into your business every day processes from day one.

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