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is GDPR really that scary? my customers say that I make it fun!!! why not come and decide that for yourself.   In this session CVG Solutions will provide a taster of her training style and how she makes GDPR engaging and simple to understand. In her own words 'making GDPR a sweeter pill to swallow' ...


Module 7 – DPIA & Privacy by Design/Default

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Thinking of introducing new technology in your business or changing a process? If so, have you considered Privacy in your design? When do you need to carry out a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)? What is a DPIA? Surely you have implemented Data Privacy by Design and by Default…No? then join me in this interactive ...


Module 8 – Data Security ‘The 3 Principles’

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Are Passwords, Virus protection and Encryption all that is required to protect the data? How does COVID-19 impact on security? What do we need to consider now that so many of us are working from home? Join this session to find out What is the difference between Data Protection and Data Security? We have all ...