How have things changed for                           CVG Solutions, and its clients!

How have things changed for your clients?

Once Lockdown was brought in, many of my clients had to quickly readjust their service offerings in order to maintain their business for the time being. I’m really proud of how creative they have been in opening up other services that perhaps they had never thought about in the past, or maybe they wanted to do but just never had the push!

Unfortunately, some of my clients have had to close completely and are just waiting for the lift to come off, so we’re running maintenance to ensure everything stays compliant. Although some clients are working from home, they’re still using the same network and infrastructure as they would in the office so their compliance has not changed.

However, I do have one customer who was previously entirely B2B but has now opened up to the B2C market and in order to fulfil that service he has to implement a payment option via the phone which means adding additional technology to be able to do that whilst remaining compliant. This needs to go through a special protection assessment which I am helping him with.

How have you adapted?

I usually work from home so this hasn’t changed for me, I do a lot of my business through online video conferencing so this also hasn’t changed. I have adapted my training from a physical workshop to an online environment. My training as a rule is interactive, which is obviously harder to achieve online, therefore I tend to limit the number of tickets to each session which means that I can present and keep track of the scoring to win the all important prizes! What I can’t do at the moment is physically visit my customers at their premises so I am carrying out a remote audit as opposed to a physical one. However, this has been documented and is top of the list for when lockdown is lifted! Finally, my networking has changed and is now online and whilst this is great for being able to attend more due to far less travel, I do miss the social interaction and seeing my colleagues.

What changes will you keep?

I will keep the online training as an option to open up a mixture of workshops and online training, I think that quite a few of the networking groups I belong to will mix their meetings to include face-to-face and Zoom. I will also use Zoom going forward to meet with clients where a face to face meeting isn’t necessary, to save costs and time and virtually visit more customers than before. 

What are you most looking forward to going back to?

Personally, my hairdresser and buying make up where I can physically go and try things!

Business wise, it’s meeting my customers face to face, especially new ones!  You can’t replace that face to face relationship with a customer and as humans we crave human interaction. So I’m looking forward to being able to meet with my clients even if it is socially distant.

I’m also looking to write a book with one of my associates and so we need to meet up face to face to discuss this.

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