GDPR and Lockdown

Lockdown and GDPR – Stay Compliant!

The advice from the ICO is that you can work from home and you can use your own set up, however the employer needs to ensure that there is still adequate security measures. Now that things may be quieter it’s the perfect time to catch up on your GDPR compliance to ensure that everything is up to date. Things which are seemingly harmless can be a breach of GDPR so it is a good idea to ensure that you’re fully compliant during these times. There are more data breaches because people are relaxing due to working at home however it is still as valid as if you were working in an office.

If your staff are furloughed then one of the few things they can do is online training, so now is the perfect time to keep their business brains ticking over and book them on to one of my online courses. One of the key points of GDPR is keeping your knowledge refreshed every year in this fast moving industry, so even if you think you’re an old hat you may learn something new.For more information call 01775 660506 or email now!