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Since the UK leaving the EU there has been some changes with regards to transfer outside the UK – referred to as Cross Boarder Transfers.

If the transfer of data is to a country that has Adequacy status such as the EU then no need to take any actions, the transfer can take place. However, if the transfer is to a country that does not have an Adequacy status, such as the USA, then specific safeguards are required to be put in place.

A Transfer Risk Assessment (TRA) is included with step by step video to take you through it and determine whether the transfer can go ahead. It also contains the full list of all the countries with Adequacy status.

Once completed the TRA, assuming the outcome is favourable to the transfer then an International Data Transfer Agreement (IDTA) is required to be put in place between the Exporter and the Importer. A template with video instructions is available for you here. The IDTA is a legally binding document.

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