Cristina is a truly exceptional consultant who takes a pragmatic approach to determining need, creating action plans, and delivering outcomes. She instils confidence through her expert knowledge in all things information governance and inspires a culture of excellence and accountability beyond her remit.         On our journey so far with CVG Solutions, Cristina has seamlessly integrated within our organisation, leading, empowering and motivating the team to understand and play their part on this  journey.
As an ex-GP surgery manager, I have always been highly cognisant of the importance of good record keeping and so had a reasonable system in place for all our 5,000 client’s confidential data. However, our reasonable system had a number of flaws, and was falling short of being fully GDPR complaint.  Cristina has spent the past few months working with our GDPR compliance; she has provided Action for Asperger’s with a superb service that has included, policy making, staff training and recruitment. Cristina has stepped into our charity and has made the world of difference to us. Consequently, I have snapped her up as our consultant DPO going forwards.

Cristina has that unique ability of being able to interpret the unseen – the nuances – of an organisation pretty quickly, which is a bonus when one is busy, and time is scarce; she is both intelligent and wise.   I cannot recommend Cristina and CVG Solutions highly enough; her knowledge of GDPR/Data Protection is second to none, and as an organisation, the knowledge that we are now being cared for by her affords us a sense of security, which is such a comfort during these uncertain times.

a massive thank you for all the help, advice and hard work you have put in over the past few months to my GDPR journey a sweeter pill to swallow.  GDPR was something that I was fully aware of but, only ever paid lip service to.  I had assumed that I was doing enough by registering with the ICO, putting a privacy notice on the website and introducing various security measures to keep processes in and information safe.  After attending one of your training sessions it became abundantly clear that I was woefully wrong with my assumptions.  I came away realising that if a data beach were ever to occur or a data subject access request was received, I was potentially in serious trouble.  Since engaging the services of CVG Solutions, not only has my awareness of GDPR grown, it has made me look at other aspects within the business to identify risks that I had never considered before.  CVG Solutions opened my eyes to so much more than just GDPR.
We are part way through our project with Cristina – she gets us, she gets what we need and of course she gets Data Protection. All you could want. We are actually enjoying the process which is something I never thought I would say!
Cristina takes the strain off me as a business owner and completes the work so that I don’t have to. She is a joy to work with, always professional and always with a smile on her face. I highly recommend CVG Solutions.”
I wanted to publicly acknowledge and thank Cristina from CVG Solutions.

I have attended a few training sessions regarding Data Processing and Data Protection and each time I have come away with great gems and new insights.

Cristina is a fantastic tutor and is able to bring complex and new concepts across in a clear and productive manner. She is always ready and willing to answer questions and to ensure that people have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and their roles under the rules of GDPR.

Just a heads-up: if you ever attend one of Cristina’s training sessions (and why wouldn’t you?) there is always a quiz at the end, so do pay attention!

I will always recommend Cristina and CVG Solutions for the GDPR training and I look forward to continuing to build my knowledge with her.