The Ultimate Cookies Guide

At CVG Solutions we are always looking at ways to make GDPR sweeter for our customers.   We that in mind we have built this FREE Guide especially for website owners to provide the correct instructions and remove any myths on Cookies consent.

And it’s FREE

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  • ensure your Cookies are in line with GDPR
  • avoid fines and reputational damage
  • build trust with your customers by demonstrating that you respect their personal data

The GDPR Handbook

We have designed this specifically  for small businesses to enable you to use this material in conjunction with your existing induction process of new member of staff when joining your organisation.  It contains everything you need to satisfy the GDPR regulation including training material.

And it’s yours for ONLY £35.00

Click here to grab this handbook

  • You will have the right building blocks in place when it comes to inducting new member of staff and contractors.
  • it enables you to carry out training for your new staff and contractors within 1 month of them joining without additional cost to you
  • you will have a robust tool  that enables you to demonstrate ‘Accountability’  which is one of the 7th Principles of the regulation
  • and ultimately it will help you to avoid fines and reputational damage